Thursday, November 09, 2006

Britney gets even!

Britney Spears is planning to sell photos of 8-week-old Jayden James to a magazine for an excellent price: FREE! Unlike Federgrime who reduced ticket prices to his show to $0, Britney's actually giving away something that's worth some money. If she sold the photos for cash, she would have to share it with Federgrime.

Sources say Spears has sidestepped her usual go-to venue, People, which ran the first photos of the then-happy family in December. Instead, she's gunning for the prestige of a monthly or bimonthly, hoping to rehabilitate her flagging image in the TomKat/Vanity Fair mold.

As one of a handful of editors who had been called by Spears' representation on the story pointed out, monthly women's magazines don't write checks for photos and interviews, as People reportedly has for her in the past. But a little-known clause in the prenuptial agreement the couple signed guarantees Kevin Federline proceeds from all photos, which perhaps is another reason Spears is going for image rather than cash.

I wish we could see the look on Federgrime's face right now. Britney is getting more and more awesome by the second.

A couple of the magazines that bastard has already cashed in on:


Elf Cosmetics

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.


Web, Inc.

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