Friday, December 29, 2006

wtf? Prince Harry is going to Iraq?

Prince Harry is going to Iraq, reportedly heading there with his unit in May.

Harry will be stationed near the southern port city of Basra and will likely be assigned to patrol the border with Iran.

London's Daily Telegraph said Harry, 22, is determined to go, despite reports of resistance from many in the military who fear he would be a fat prize for terrorists.

They're also worried he would attract attention and put his fellow soldiers in greater danger.

The Telegraph said officials are trying to figure out how to minimize the danger without giving Harry special treatment.

Ok, that's cute and all that he wants to go, but you know they're going to stick him in some heavily barricaded building and surround him with every British troop they've got. Does he really think he's gonna be allowed to run around dodging land mines?


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