Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Celebrity scandal: Free to download

As if listening to 50 cent chirping from someone's phone hasn't gotten annoying enough, you can now download your favorite star's latest scandal.

In the first steps of creating their new series of Scandal Tones, Oasys Mobile has reenacted Gibson's latest scandalous rant with an impersonator, and has named the ringtone, "Mel in Malibu". Barbie, eat your heart out. They've even pinpointed their next target, Ms. Dehydration herself, Lindsay Lohan, and plan to have an ambulance siren in the background with an impersonator blaming it on dehydration. Wow, I totally can't wait to be smushed on a hot bus, with smelly peeps around me, and listen to these wonderful ringtones as a loud girl shouts in my ear about her latest "boo". AWESOME.


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