Monday, August 07, 2006

Aw, Stavros, you're dumb!

The incredibly romantic and pure love affair between Paris and Stavros has shockingly come to an end, yet again, despite their momentary reunion claiming, "We're together now here, we love each other".

Stavros reportedly got pissed off at Paris while at P-Diddy's white party in Saint Tropez. While Paris was gleefully clapping alongside P-Diddy's TRAMPoline, Stavros was staring her down from across the pool, sending her texts to come over to him. She responded with nasty texts until finally displaying her utmost class and sass and yelled out, "Don't you trust me? Get over it!" That my friends, is the purest display of hilarity and irony. Paris thinking she is someone anyone can trust, especially since she's the sole spreader of THE HERPS. Stav, of course you can't trust her. DOY.


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