Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mr. Cruise, Mrs. Cruise, and little invisible baby

Rumors are swirling that Tom and Kat(i)e are planning to tie the knot this weekend. Kate's hairdresser is booked all weekend, and now a bunch of tents and chandeliers have mysteriously started popping up at the "Scientology Celebrity Centre" in California. Poor Kate... she just needs to get enough of that pre-nup money to allow her to escape through the sewers and never be seen again. I really feel bad for the girl. She thought she was getting a fairy tale ending, and instead got a forced cult membership, a baby everyone thinks is an alien, and a gay fiancee. And apparently, her parents are planning on pulling a Suri and won't be showing up at the wedding. Maybe Xenu will walk her down the aisle?


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