Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pressly gets nominated, y'all

Jaime Pressly is putting down the corndogs, for now, and is hoping to hold something a little more golden. Pressly recently received an Emmy nomination for playing the token self-centered ex-wife, Joy, on My Name is Earl, "When you're given an opportunity as big as this one, you wanna run with it. You wanna be the best you can at the job and to be nominated for doing that is pretty amazing!"

Waaaaaaaaaait just one second! You mean she's doing everything she can to be the best damn bbq-lovin, gum-smackin, drawl-talkin country girl? I DECLARE INJUSTICE, PEOPLE. Our Mrs. Federline has been bamboozled! Girlfriend should've won that Emmy...hell, an soon as tears and falsies started streaming down her face on national television. Oh well, sometimes your hard work goes unnoticed. And by unnoticed, I mean laughed at by the entire world. Anyhooo, Ms. Pressly is getting her posse ready for the big night, She will be accompanied by her boyfriend, manager and lawyer saying, "It's just as big a deal for them as it is for me, so we're all gonna be going together." Y'all know that's the same guy, right? YEA ya do!


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