Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boo hoo HO

Our poor little "american royalty" was caught crying outside of the NYC nightclub hotspot, Bungalow 8, on the night of the VMAs . Looks like they didn't let 80's douchebags in. Or raging STD ho-bags for that matter.

I can deal with her friend's dress, even though it looks like Crayola threw up on it. Though I know I should be counting my lucky stars I can't see her chimis, or her chocha, or both, I just can't deal with the saggy boobs in a strapless dress, gold lame or satin or whatever the hell that material is, with that crazy ribbon sash thingie, paired with ankle boots and that god awful clown makeup. VVVVOMIT. We can clearly see why they didn't let you in, Paris, and hopefully why you're crying. I'm crying too. The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is seeing that they're roughing up Brandon Greaseball Davis. He can use a flashlight up the arse.


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