Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pamela paid $9,000 for her face each day

And I think I can see why...

Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson was so fearful of putting on her own cosmetics, she would spend a staggering $9,000 every day on a team of make-up artists to help her look beautiful. The busty actress is aware her spending was out of control, and is tentatively learning how to apply her own make-up instead - with great success.

She says, "I never wore make-up back home in Canada. And when I moved to Los Angeles, Playboy did it, as well as my hair.

"So I never learned to do it myself. But I have just done my own make-up at a shoot - I brought my Barbie box of eyelashes, glue, black eyeliner, eye-shadows, pink lip-gloss, very little foundation and went to town.

"We were all a little nervous at first, but it turned out fine. No more $9,000-a-day for make-up bills, I'm married now."

Um.. yeah, ok Pam. I'm sure your new hubby Kid Rock loves seeing you look like this:

What Kid Rock thought he was marrying:

But don't worry, Pam. Kid Rock totally seems like the down to earth type, who really loves you for your personality.


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