Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Working it in Venice

Look at Little Miss Suckin Face with a Little Chimi Grab from earlier this week! She's totally working it at the Venice Film Festival

Someone cleaned up. This is a far stretch from the bedhead bikini-clad with a pink taco owner attached to her face look she's been sporting lately. Love the color of her hair, the dress is beautiful and not totally showing all her goodies. She looks very tasteful! Bravo!

But she's totally itching to get out of that dress! You know she has a leopard bikini underneathe that dress that she's just dying to parade on the red carpet.

She looks a helluva lot better than she did with this awful dress earlier this week. Dresses that make you look preggers...NOT GOOD. For people who are starving themselves to being pole-thin, why would you wear a dress that makes you look fat?! I don't get it! And what's with the constant brown ring around her mouth? Can someone please tell me what that is?



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