Friday, November 10, 2006

Federgrime expects $30 mil

Kevin Federline is demanding $30 million and full custody of his two kids after filing his own divorce petition against Britney Spears.

K-Fed is furious Britney lodged divorce papers without warning while he was on tour to promote his album.

He is also demanding that Britney pays his legal fees and spousal support.

Now we totally know the real reason K-Fed knocked Britney up again so fast: He was hoping that if he just kept her pregnant, she wouldn't be able to waddle to her lawyer's office to talk divorce. Does he seriously think he deserves $30 million for 2 years of marriage? What will he even do with that much money?! Sure, he'll probably buy his Ferrari back, but after that, it'll take a long time for him to spend the rest of the $30 mil on wifebeaters and flip-flops.


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