Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Is it really necessary for Rachel Weiz to be wearing GINORMOUS Minnie Mouse ears?! Otherwise she looks cute, although I never remembered Minnie Mouse wearing leapord print. Way to whore up Minnie a bit!

Talk about getting in the Halloween spirit! I can't help but love Heidi Klum and Seal, so even though I'm slightly frightened right now, I think these are funny costumes. And she's totally rockin the heels even though she's SUPER preggers!

Uh, yea. Awesome costume, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Really, um, hot. And interesting. And funny. Not AT ALL totally weird, lame and dumb. Just allll hotness.

 totally adorbs is Alyssa Milano?! She looks so pretty. See, this is how Halloween is done. Pretty, cute, slighty slutty. Nicely done.

I don't even know who Dana Delany really is, but she's too old to be the young slutty school girl. How about being a nun next time, mkay Dana?

HOLLA! K-Fed is CAPTAIN DOUCHEBAG, at your rescue! He'll rap away all monsters, goblins and fans! You can grab onto his cape and he'll whisk you away to glorious crackhouses and strip clubs! And no worries...his yellow gold medallions can be held up to vampires and life success and melt all of them away! HOLLA for CAPTAIN DOUCHEBAG!!

It's really sad and weird when Mr. Christina Aguilera actually looks better as a zombie/corpse groom/scary guy.

Yea, Flavor Flav isn't even dressed up for Halloween. This is him. Yea. VOMIT. And he's having his seventh child. YES, seven women actually cuddled up to this. I just threw up in my mouth a little too.

I don't really understand what this costume is. Is Lindsay seriously just a whore? Is she being Good Time Paris?

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