Saturday, December 16, 2006

Britney's new pad

Britney Spears has bought a Mediterranean villa near Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills listed at a whopping $7.2 million.

"Britney looked at it on Thursday, Dec. 7," a source tells Star. "She brought like seven or eight people. They were her bodyguards and a few male dancer friends. She stayed for five hours and said she wanted the house immediately. She then got ready in one of the bedrooms at the house for her night out on the town. She took forever to do her hair and makeup. It was such a scene! She came off as very high maintenance. Nice, but demanding. It was obvious she was used to getting what she wanted."

The six bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom home is 7,400 square feet and is located in a gated community on Summit Circle, just off Coldwater Canyon.

"She asked the sellers to get out right away," says the source. "So they moved to a hotel on December 12."

The sellers managed to get all their belongings out in that short five day period, but left the furniture behind because Britney wanted to keep it, the source adds.

"Britney liked the house just as it was," says the source. "She didn't want to have to wait for new furniture to be brought in."

Damn! You know you've made it when you can kick millionaires out of their own home and they'll move into a hotel for you, and give you all their furniture. Ok, so a 25 year old girl who's worth over 60 million is a spoiled brat? Why are we surprised? Good for Britney, it must have been tough when she tried to scrub K-Fed's grease out of her Malibu home and realized that it just wasn't happening.

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