Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Swank tells it like it is

Oscar winner Hilary Swank believes her pending divorce from Chad Lowe is "not the end of the world" because couples separate all the time. The Million Dollar Baby star filed for divorce from Lowe in May, and is pleased to be getting on with her life. She says, "That's life. Millions of men and women fall in love, get married and then get divorced. "If what happened to me helps someone realise they're in a great relationship and to hold the person closer, then do it. "If it makes someone realise they're in an unhealthy relationship that is making them both unhappy, then it's not the end of the world."

Marriage, divorce, whatever, it's no biggie. This is Hollywood, there are plenty of guys with drug addictions & inferiority complexes just ripe for the picking! Why stick with one when you could try them all? Seems to make sense to me. Why have only one bad marriage when you could have three?

I think it was Chad insisting that they pose for this photoshoot that was the final straw for Hilary:



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