Monday, September 11, 2006

The totally normal couple

Hollywood's favorite cult couple has been going to great lengths to try to shake their awful reputation. They've dined at the most public restaurants in L.A. with both Tom and Katie's moms, they've finally released pictures of their almost grown child, and Tom has apologized for throwing a fit over Brooke Shields and her anti-depressant use.

Their latest publicity stunt was to watch a soccer game over the weekend... and they manage to screw that up pretty royally.

What kind of prissy weirdos sit under an umbrella at a sunny sporting event? I guess Tom's boyfriend hates it when he gets sunburnt.

Move it or lose it, Katie. Speedwalking will get rid of that lingering pregnancy weight that so embarasses Tom.

Pay attention to her hand signals, people! She's crying out for help!


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