Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kanye vs. the French dudes

Just for fun, let's compare Kanye's video with the Justice video...

Here's Justice vs. Simian, "We Are Your Friends":

And Here's Kanye West's video for "Touch the Sky":

I'm not a huge fan of either video. Justice vs. Simian is a little too weird for my taste, and Kanye's video isn't anything special, and having Pamela Anderson in it is kind of random. All I can say is I hope Kanye watches the video for "We Are Your Friends" and throws a tantrum until he goes blue in the face when he realizes that they had a $200 budget and beat him out to win the award. Instead of Pamela Anderson, they have a bucket of paint. Instead of a rocket blasting off, they have a couch falling over. Classic!

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