Thursday, August 24, 2006


Japan is pimping out Britney and using this pic as an ad in their subway.

Following an initial ban by government censors who branded an advertisement featuring Spears in the buff as "too stimulating" for young people, transit authorities in the city are now permitting posters of the pregnant pop princess to proceed as planned, reports the Associated Press.

The poster of Spears – naked but shielding her breasts with her arms and crossing her legs at the knee – is actually a blow-up of the cover of the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, which will also serve as the cover of the magazine's October Japanese edition.

I think she actually looks cute in this picture, aside from the fact that her smile is too cheesy for such an intimate shot...and that is seriously looks like she has no nips. And that we're just a little too close to Federgrime's radioactive central station. Freaky. Now, using this pic in a subway ad? I can't decide if that's attention-grabbing or a turn-off. Yea, remembering all the things I just listed kinda makes it pretty clear, huh.

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