Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No, really

Man, I need to start shakin my bon bon more. Because that's clearly the only thing that's gotten friggin RICKY MARTIN to be The Person of The Year. No...For serious.

Ricky Martin will be honored as the Latin Recording Academy's person of the year for his accomplishments as an entertainer and humanitarian.

Can anyone name anything Ricky has done as an "entertainer" or "humanitarian" this year?! Yea, didn't think so. The last I remember of him he was swimming through some sort of club in one of his videos and undoubtedly shaking his ass. I think that was like, 15 years ago. I mean, they couldn't have picked someone else? Of all the Latin people in the industry, they pick Ricky Martin?! Jeez, I wouldn't have even minded if our very own Vampire Marc Anthony was person of the year. Maintaining a weight of 30.2 pounds isn't easy, people. I guess we just don't realize the power of The Bon Bon.

Witness Ricky being The Person of The Year

Actually, now looking at those pics, I guess I can understand their logic. He has incredible volume and spunk in that hair. He totally deserves the award.


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