Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lindsay Lohan or Pregnant Goth?

Well? What do you think?

So many questions, such painful pictures. First of all, I'm not sure why the grill of that car is almost taller than she is. Now for the clothes.... *cringe* Is she wearing black plaid boxers? A black vest, and a top from the juniors section of JC Penneys? Does she have a morphing pregnant belly like Katie Holmes, or is that just a beer gut? And black Pocahontas boots in the middle of August in LA? Really? Lindsay badly needs to put down the hair dye and cocaine just for a minute and tell her maid to do the laundry.

Two guys in the Hollywood Mob (specializing in fashion crimes) check Lindz out:


Elf Cosmetics

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.


Web, Inc.

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