Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dancing with flab

So for the fans of Days of our Lives, you all remember Lisa Rinna. She most recently perfected her jazz hands on Dancing with the Stars. Nowadays, Miss Jazz Hands isn't so much jazzy as much as saggy.

Considering that she's like 75, she doesn't look so bad for her age. But what the hell is going on with her stomach?! Not to mention her canyon boobs, a la Tori Spelling. Don't stomachs get like that after you have lipo? I'm so confused as to why the skin is SO saggy. Especially when she looked like this not too long ago...

I could understand better if she got a little pudgy, since she's probably not doing as much exercise as she did on the show. But the skin is sooo nasty and like folding over her bikini! Whyyyyy?


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