Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Squirrel-y Couric

The perpetually bright-eyed and bushy tailed Katie Couric got a little less bushy tailed, and a lot more trim spa last week:

Thanks to a computer "slight" of hand, the Tiffany network has made the new face of "CBS Evening News" instantly drop about 20 pounds. In a picture widely distributed to the media last month, a normal-looking Couric wore a frumpy light gray suit and her trademark smile. But thanks to Photoshop, the popular editing software, the same photo, printed in a CBS magazine, shows her looking much, much thinner - and her suit has become a few shades darker. Couric, who was made aware of the picture's alteration yesterday, joked that she liked the original better. "There's more of me to love," she quipped.

Of course she's gonna say that! She's not gonna be all..DAMN, I looked like saggy crap before. My neck is the same width as my head and it looks like I'm storing nuts in my suit jacket! This squirrel has gotta eat! Thank god for Photoshop! All I can say is, can I hire someone to do that to all my pictures?!?!?


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