Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Federgrimes eat WELL

What kind of food do millionaires dine on? Healthy, delicious, enticing corndogs. A waiter at a fancy hotel downtown had the luck of clearing Britney & Kevin's table as they were leaving, and managed to snag a couple of classy collector's items, which he is now selling on Ebay.

Kevin Federline had a few things to eat that night, but the only leftover item I managed to pick up from him was this corn dog. Kevin had two bites of the corndog and then set it down. Later I went to clear their plates with it, and as I was picking up the plate Britney picked it up really quick giggled and said "I can't let that go to waste" and quickly took a big bite off of the stick end of the corn dog. I was still standing there holding the plate, not quite sure what to do because Britney Spears was stealing corn dogs off the plate I was pulling away. She finished her bite and put it back on the plate I was holding and said "thanks!".

Notice how Britney didn't want to take a bite from the part Kevin had bitten from. Maybe she's starting to learn. We can only hope.

The auction is for both the corn dog and Britney's half eaten sandwich. As I write this, the bidding has reached $102. So low for such priceless artifacts! Come on people! Get in on the bidding!

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