Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We got the party started

So I went to the BEP concert over the weekend, and it was so much fun!! We didn't expect it to be as much fun as it actually was. The only downer...the Pussycat Dolls were supposed to open for them, and of course they were sick because that's our luck...and guess who opened, DANITY KANE. Yes, P-Diddy's latest girl group on Making the Band 3.

Good god, they were AWFUL. We got there kinda late, so we thankfully missed a majority of their show, but what we did see what so bad. Their voices did not sound good together AT ALL. They were all out of tune and off beat...just bad. I feel bad. I really want to like them. I think individually they each have really pretty voices, but as a group...NOT GOOD. And we were also pretty pissed off that PCD wasn't there. We were totally psyched to see them whore it up on stage. Whatevs, between DK and BEP we had to wait a while, which naturally forced us to chant: LET'S GO! JUST COME OUT AND PEE IN YOUR PANTS ALREADY! We're classy y'all. They came out totally PUMPED! They had so much energy and were so much fun. After a really great first set, they started the second half of the concert with each member having a solo. Fergie came out and sang Sweet Child of Mine that actually sounded really good. The really fug long-haired guy had a whole hip-hop solo with him playing hip-hop classics and getting the crowd totally pumped. Then the Phillippino guy came out and did some breakdancing and rapped in Phillippino rap...which sounds retarded, but was actually to a really hot beat. Then Will.I.Am came out had a instrument solo, played sweet drums, and had each member of the band have a solo. Fergie came out again and sang her new single, London Bridge, which was totally adorbs. By the end, the entire stadium was on their feet, singing and dacning their little Hey Mama hearts out! All in all...GOOD TIMES! Pump it bitches!!!

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