Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boobie and the Beast?

John Mayer may have found his Wonderland:

The rumor mill is going wild with the possibility that Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are now an item. No one knows yet for sure, but let's hope that Jessica has finally found her prince- a guy who won't take breaks from watching football to laugh at her stupidity. If the rumors are true, this will be Jessica's first relationship since her failed marriage to Nick Lachey came to an end. Hmm.. I guess John seems like a good rebound guy.

Somehow the Jessica & John pairing is eerily similar to this one: James Blunt and Petra Nemcova. We've got two beauties of questionable intelligence dating artsy, sensitive, crooning musicians with unusually large heads. Uncanny!

(I thought that was a Forever 21 bag she was carrying at first glance. Dammit! I felt like a celebrity for a second. Wait, I mean, I NEVER shop anywhere but Saks. Duh.)


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