Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Makeover of the Day: Eva Longoria

Goddamn, look at her BLING! Look at her lifting her wrist to show off that ice! WORK IT OUT! Looks like Selena went to a beauty pageant and is really trying to WOW the crowd with some good ol' fashioned pizzazzzzzzz. God, who knew what a fake bake and highlights could do. That dark hair makes her look so washed out, and I'm not even gonna get into the bubble gum peeeenk sparkly dress - that necklace she got from Claire's prom section is blinding me enough. Not that I'm against Claire's, but the point is to get tasteful things so you can at least try to give the illusion of authenticity! But, nope, not for Eva. Girl is all shock and awe.


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