Saturday, August 19, 2006

Demi and Ashton make us sick

Demi and Ashton are now defending their freakish relationship by claiming that they never fight.

Kutcher claims their marriage is friction-free. "We had one argument in the first three months of dating, and since then we haven't had any," he says. "We deal with issues before they become arguments. "

I'm sure it's easy to avoid a fight when you can pack your husband into the mini-van with your other kids and take him to get icecream whenever he's fussy.

I wonder what it's like to wake up one morning, and realize that you're 40, have 3 bratty teenage girls with the face of Bruce Willis, and are married to this guy:

And worst of all, you've become so old and senile that you don't know when your entire bra is showing...


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