Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still in love

Travis Barker recently had an interview with People about his marriage and divorce with Shanna Moakler:

PEOPLE: How are you doing? Are you angry or sad?

BARKER: I'm not in the angry phase at all because I'm still absolutely in love with Shan. It feels weird to not wake up to my children every day, to be honest. But I sneak over every morning to see the babies.

PEOPLE: Do they understand what's going on?

BARKER: Well, 'Bam is seven months old. She just pisses herself when she sees me because she's so excited because she was used to seeing me so much during the day. And my son just thinks I'm working like crazy right now.

PEOPLE: When did things start going downhill with you and Shanna?

BARKER: About a year ago. I don't know if it was me touring and me constantly getting accused of things. She was unfortunately in a relationship before where someone was unfaithful to her and she told me when we first met that it scared her. I understood that going into it, but I didn't know it would be to the extreme that it was. To the point where I couldn't have friends that were girls and I couldn't hang out with my guy friends. They would get egged if they came to my house.

PEOPLE: Wait, is that a metaphor?

BARKER: There were times where I'd be accused of whatever. She'd say I was a bad father, just saying she hated me or whatever. Then I would leave the house because I couldn't take it. My manager would pick me up and he would get served with a dozen eggs. This would happen on the daily. This would happen on the weekly.

Ugh. I don't know how I feel about this little candid interview. I feel like it's a really low blow to tell everyone that her last man cheated on her. I'm sure she doesn't want the whole world knowing that and how insecure she is now because of it. And I just feel like his precious heartfelt words of his daughter "pissing herself" with excitement over seeing him is total crap. Although incredibly heartwarming, if he's there "every morning", I can't imagine her losing all bodily function when she sees him in the morning or the afternoon. Do 7-month old babies even know the difference between morning daddy time or afternoon daddy time? He needs to simma down on the World's Greatest Dad bit.


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