Monday, August 14, 2006

Just wrong

The train wreck you are witnessing is that of Kimberly Stewart. Isn't she just a goddess? NOT whorish in any way. For serious though, the amount of wrongness in this pic is out of control. She's fug. But that was established the day she started kissing Paris' ass. Let's start from the top, and work our way down, shall we? Ok, the hair...UGH. Volumizer, honey, it'll do you wonders. What's with the whoo-ah shirt? Can we even call that a shirt? A string-fest? A chimi squeezer? Paired with hot pants?! The grand finale...BAREFOOT. Lord have mercy, I don't even know what to say besides DAYUM. The cherry on the fug sundae: Jack Osborne lurking behind her, chuckling at what a pathetic attention whore she is. JACK...OSBORNE...laughing at HER. Now that is wrong.


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