Monday, August 14, 2006

Nicole Ritchie: Master of losing calories

Nicole, burning calories at the beach...

Last week, Nicole attended a party at Hyde in LA. Onlookers got a good chance to see her dieting techniques in action:

The real action was happening inside the Sunset Boulevard club, where, sources say, Nicole Richie was getting into the party spirit with her spirit of choice: Tequila! "She was so wasted!" said an attendant, who also said that Ms. Richie's drinking partner, Mary-Kate Olsen, was not doing anything to help the situation. "She was dancing on the tables and then she started giving lap dances to her friends and random guys, too."
And then it happened, under the copper ceiling, amidst the hanging candles. "Nicole puked right on the floor, like right in the middle of the club," said the source. "Everyone saw! But I guess she didn't care. She kept partying."
"She loves tequila," said the source, a friend of Ms. Richie's. "But you know, she's so small—and she probably didn't eat anything that day. So you know, she probably had a couple shots and it just happened. She was just having a good time."

Who says you can only lose 300 calories per hour? Nicole can lose 300 in 5 minutes! Why just dance the calories off when you could dance and puke?

More of Nicole looking like death:

Nicole, looking normal and cute 2 years ago:


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