Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ah, love, what a splendorous thing, indeed. Mr. and Mrs. Class Act are going for the plunge, yet again.

"After surviving a few rough patches in their marriage, the couple has decided to renew their vows after the birth of their second child in October, reports the mag. After reports that Spears had consulted a divorce lawyer, “she wants to show the world that she is happily married,” And nothing says that more than grabbing your hubby's crotch. Sticking your tongue out just gives added proof that you're there in trashiness and grime. It worked before they got married, why don't they just do that again? Or, in a sign of true ass-kissing, you can just give him all your money! There's no other way to make sure your hubby sticks around, right?

"And in another romantic gesture, Spears has allegedly bestowed upon her hubby a black American Express card with no credit limit. Although the two have reportedly fought over money, this gift is Spears' effort, according to the mag, “to prove how much she trusts him.”

What else is there to say but...What a dumbass.

The first time around...


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