Thursday, September 07, 2006

Britney comes from a long line of trash

Supposedly, Britney wants to name her new baby "Jailynn" after her dad Jamie, mom Lynn, and sister Jamie Lynn. After laughing at the fact that her family is Jamie, Lynn, and Jamie Lynn, I was left to wonder why the hell Britney would want to continue this dumb tradition by naming her baby Jailynn. Then I remembered who we're dealing with here. That on top of the fact she's naming Federgrime's offspring a name that sounds exactly like "Jail-- In!" Next time Federgrime hears this phrase, which will be soon, he'll get confused and look around for Jailynn.

It's rumored that Britney is at the hospital today for her planned C-section to pop out "Jailynn." That was quick! Sean P. hasn't even smoked his first joint yet and he's already got a baby sister. The due date actually isn't until September 14th, which is also Sean P.'s birthday, but I guess she doesn't want to put on that extra week of preggers fat. Two babies in less than 1 year! Go Britney! Please get your tubes tied now!


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