Friday, August 25, 2006

Tara Reid thinks she photographs well

A drunken Tara Reid approached the paparazzi last night outside of club Hyde and had a confession for them:

"Everyone hates you paparazzi but when you're nice, I don't hate you guys because you're nice to me," said a somewhat rambling Reid, "The day you're not nice I'm gonna f***ing kick your ass."

Tara also says why Tinseltown is the perfect place to live saying "You know what i love about Hollywood? You come here, live a dream and they actually give you the possibility of making them come true. That's what makes Hollywood perfect."

1. Is the Hollywood Dream to make a couple trashy movies and then become the sleaziest, most plastic-surgeried star under30?

2. If she thinks the paparazzi are nice to her, I guess she thinks they made an effort to shoot her good side in these photos:


Elf Cosmetics

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.


Web, Inc.

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