Monday, August 21, 2006


Click here for music at it's finest:

Wow, huh. Friggin schweeeet. What did y'all think? Unbearable? Awful? Torturous? Cruel? Horrendous? Totally f-ing hysterical that you want to watch it over and over for the mere satisfaction of a good hearty laugh? Yea, me too. But I also feel embarrassment. When dumbasses go on tv and make huge raging asses of themselves, I feel embarrassed for them. I literally can't even watch because of the level of dumbass-ness that's on display. Luckily, in K-Fed's case, it doesn't last too long and I can totally delight myself in giddy enjoyment. Enjoy kids!

In other Federgrime news, yours truly tries his hand at comedy while saying he works, and takes no money from his baby mama

"I don't get any money from my wife," he told GQ magazine. "I'm almost broke. As a man, as a male figure and a father, I wouldn't be happy sitting back and living off my wife's fortune."

"I have to provide for my family. People gotta understand that I'm working, too, she's not the only one that's got things to do."

Just continue on with your laughing. It's all very good comedy.


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