Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The lord has finally heard our prayers, and has guided Boobtastic Tara back to the surgery table.

The 'American Pie' actress checked into a Beverly Hills clinic on September 7 to have her first set of implants replaced with smaller ones, according to In Touch Weekly magazine. Tara also allegedly had had some other cosmetic surgery carried out on her stomach to remove some unsightly marks caused by an earlier liposuction procedure. Tara is now recovering from the surgery at her home.

HALLELUJAH!!! I don't think I can handle more nip-slips, chimichanga mania and dough stomach. Seriously. It looks like people kept poking her in the stomach and it just stayed that way. She's totally the Pillsbury Dough Ho. And the really sad thing is that she looked so much better before she got all that crap done! I mean, look at that stomach


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