Monday, September 18, 2006

Press play

Ashlee Simpson and her cute new nose are all set to star in the musical in London on September 25th.

The singer was due to begin later in October, but has reportedly impressed the show's producers in London's West End, who have consequently brought forward her starting date. Simpson's debut as Roxie Hart in the West End version of the musical will mark the start of a six-week run.

America's sweetheart? Yea? Hmmm, I always thought of her as America's annoying little sister who can't really sing but still runs around the living room shrieking and jumping around and always looks at themselves in the mirror and has acceptance speeches ready for the awards that will never come. Weird.

I think these pictures are dumb. Isn't Roxie Hart racy and murderous?! I feel like these pictures should have been sexier and not as She keeps flashing this little smile, like this is a high school play and she's totally psyched that she gets to wear a mini skirt in front of the hot football player. Dumbass. I wonder who's the official play button pusher in this musical?


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