Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Paris a good girl now?

Over the weekend, Paris Hilton and pals partied with Steve Coogan (Courtney Love's ex). After a night on the town, Steve wanted a little action from Paris, and she wasn't having it.

"Coogan met Paris and Kimberly at Hyde nightclub and tried to persuade them to do shots of spirits with him. Kimberly did a few but then backed off because she thought he was getting too friendly.

Coogan carried on chatting to Paris but wasn't happy to end it there when the girls said they were leaving. He got a taxi to take him to Paris' house and ended up banging on the door for an hour asking to be let in. Paris refused."

Could it be that Paris actually turned down someone who was male, alive, and human for sex?? Is she sticking to her one year of celibacy vow?

Nah. I think she just already had several boytoys at her house, and was blasting her CD so loudly she didn't hear Steve knocking. Otherwise, she totally would have let him in. Sorry about that, Steve! Better luck next time.


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