Tuesday, September 12, 2006

John Mayer just wants to make music, you know?

Quote from John Mayer when questioned on the rumors that he dated Jessica Simpson:

“... There are real crises in the world; there are people who are fighting to keep their house warm and I'm not going to sit here and bite my nails because someone says that I might possibly have gone a date with a beautiful blond girl. I'm not going to sit here beating myself up over the head with it. But what is challenging to me is that I have a contract with my audience in a way, that I exist-- I'm their guy who's just here to play music, you know, and that has never changed. That has certainly not changed in the last 2 weeks and I'm here to play music, you know?”

Yeah, you know, there are these people who are poor you know, and they're just trying to keep their houses warm and I'm just trying to sing about bodies that are like wonderlands and swimming in seas of blankets. And Jessica is a beautiful blonde and I'm just not going to bite my nails when I'm the music guy and there are people who are cold in the world.

John Mayer, you sound like the worst kind of idiot.


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