Monday, September 11, 2006

Makeover of the day: Posh Beckham

There are many ways we can take this one. 1. She DEFINITELY has dark brown liner and pale lips in her old pic. Scary. It makes her lower lip look like a boat. But does she STILL have dark brown liner now?? I can kinda spot it under the gloss. Yikes. Ok, tie. 2. Her skin looks a lot more life-like in her old pic, where now she looks very stiff and plastic. Point for Posh. 3. Her hair looks a lot more fabulous now. Granted, a weave will do that for ya, but I like her better with longer hair. Point for Fem-bot. 4. Her bags are out of control in the recent pic. Like shove her face in a cucumber patch bad. In the old pic, she still has bags, but I think the smokey makeup is making them look worse. Winner: Posh

This is officially declared MAKEUNDER!!!


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