Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meet the Parents

Because of his little family tradition, Nick went home for the holiday weekend, and brought Vanessa along to meet his family.

Nick annually goes home on this holiday to spend time with his family. "I feel very much at home being here with Nick's family in his hometown. "I never meant to fall in love, but I am so happy with Nick!" Minnillo confesses.

I don't know how I feel about them as a couple. She cute enough, and seems sporty enough to deal with his psychotic sports tendencies. I guess the real question here is if she hearts Home Depot, and will she drive his ass there everytime he thinks he's a construction worker?

In other news, Nick and Jess have reached a settlement in their divorce.

Of the $36 million the couple allegedly amassed during their marriage, Lachey is entitled to half. However, the What's Left of Me singer has agreed to walk away with a lesser amount.

Damn straight he better walk away with a lesser amount. The fact that he tries to be all manly and traditional and still asked for money is so whack. Especially when he's all whiney and boo hoo on all his new songs, and is already bringing girls home. WTF? He's just a huge raging contradicting mess.


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