Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Posh knows she isn't hot

Posh admits that her hubby is hot and she is sooo not:

On her husband football ace David Beckham: "I always say to David, you've got so much more going for you. You're naturally so talented and good looking, so much more so than me."

Everyone always says, 'Oh David, he's so good-looking and so sexy', whereas I'm 'funny'. I don't want to be 'funny'. What do I have to do to be seen as sexy, too?"

She then goes on to give us way too much information about her reproductive status:

"I would love a little girl. Our boys are phenomenal but a girl would just complete our family."But at the moment I take my Pill every morning as now isn't quite the right time."

Look, Posh, if you want to be seen as sexy, stop being a frozen-faced robot and stop wearing stuff like this:


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