Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Church of Wentworth Miller

Here by popular demand:

I know pretty much nothing about this guy. He's the hot new obsession of most women aged 10 to 90 and is the star of the series Prison Break.

ome obsessed fan created a Wentworth Worship website. No, I'm not kidding. It's the Church of Wentworth. Don't believe me? First Church of Wentworth Miller . Yeah, that's right. Celebrity worship has just reached a new level.

Some of the Church's devotional works:

Saint Wentworth

Ghetto Wentworth

Mandance Wentworth

For more devotional artwork, see the church's site.

I'll leave all you worshippers to have a religious experience with this devotional video, which I think was created by a member of the church who received the message to create the video through a burning pile of TV guides:


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Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.




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