Tuesday, September 19, 2006


These two are so perfect for each other. So Pete is finally trying to get his act together and is at rehab, then little miss fancy pants comes over and tries to shag in the bushes.

"There were a group of people attending a self-help group for the day. Because it was pleasant weather, their leader suggested they move things outside. But during their session they noticed a couple getting rather fruity on a nearby bench. They were kissing and groping each other. Hands were going up clothing and there was lots of groaning. "They were practically having full-blown sex. "The horny couple only stopped their sexual shenanigans when they noticed they had been caught out.

Nothing like showing support to your crackhead drug whore boytoy by showing him your goodies and driving him into a bagging craze and most likely having him snort coke off your chimis. Eeeeeeeeeeggsellent support system.


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