Monday, October 30, 2006

This BETTER be for Halloween

Can someone explain to me why the HELL Hilary is trying to be all goth at the 17th Mercedes-Benz Carousel of Hope Ball ?! How can anyone try to be goth at a function that has Carousel and Hope in the title? Dumbass. That's like me showing up in a garter belt and nothing else at a children's Micky D's party. It's just wrong and only Paris Hilton is brain dead enough to do that. This hair looks terrrrrrrrible on her. Joel needs to simma down and stop trying to make Hil so hardcore. This is Lizzie McGuire we're talkin about here.

Seriously, everything is wrong here. Is she trying to be sexy with the I'm so smokey and sexy I can't even open my eyes look? The hair, the hair style, the makeup...everything. She's a mess. There's random strands of hair everywhere, and the racoon eyes with red lips is so Anna Nicole. At least the dress is slightly pretty...slightly drape-ish.

She totally got punched in the face. That's the only thing that can explain those bug eyes.


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