Friday, August 25, 2006

Jigga what?!

Let's get ourselves ready for the weekend with some dumbass quotes from crazy celebs...

· “I’m going for a kind of Cirque du Soleil feel. I’ll be wearing a unitard…anyone who shows up to this event wearing formal black deserves to be mocked and ridiculed.”- Conan O’Brien on how he’s preparing for the upcoming Emmys

I SO heart him! For serious...that red poofy hair...lanky body...sense of humor...YUM.

· “She’s normal, okay? She’s normal, people. She pees in her diaper, she sleeps, she wakes up every couple of hours. This is what babies do, okay? There’s nothing abnormal about her.”- Leah Remini on Suri Cruise

Dammit, can't they just give it up already?! Just say it's a DOLL! We already know it is!

· “This is a wife. This isn’t a girlfriend or some random love interest. This is a wife you come to her and answer to her everyday.”- Usher on his new role in the broadway show Chicago

Psshhh...everything is a love interest to you.

· “I’m so spoiled by newness that I may have to shop every day for the rest of my life.”- Jessica Simpson

Let's hope her earnings from Employee of The Month can support that. I'm sure they tooootally can. I think like 5 peeps saw that.

· “I’m hoping to do a remake of Sherlock Holmes with Jay-Z and some other hip-hop guys and call it ‘Holmes.’”- Will Ferrell

Another one....LOVE HIM! He's so gangsta.

Here's to random celebs who are dumb! YAY!


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