Thursday, August 31, 2006

Midday romance

Don't you love it when you can have lunch with your girl/man? It's so great to have that little break during the day, have a fun lunch with someone you actually like and can suck a little face before going back to work, and by work I mean reading starfruit gossip religiously. :-P

This, somehow, isn't quite the romantic lunch I had in mind. This looks more like when you go for a quick lunch at a busy lunch spot, and there's a bunch of tables that are all packed, and you sit down at the two seater totally thinking you're safe. Then you'll always get that one person who is dying to sit down and asks you if that extra seat is taken at your table, even though it's a two seater, and you of course have to say no and they sit down and it's incredibly uncomfortable sharing a small table with a stranger who also convenientely happens to be a loud eater. That's totally Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. I wonder who's the loud eater?


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