Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Firecrotch: Part 2

To continue on with this marvelous week for my lil Lindz, music producer Scott Storch has jumped on the firecrotch bandwagon.

Uber-producer Scott Storch took some lessons from Firecrotch master Brandon Davis Friday night at In 'N Out Burger after Justin Timberlake's concert (check out other JT fans at the end of the video). Storch deconstructed the key word behind Davis' drunken rant against Lindsay Lohan a couple months ago.

*Sigh* Why are people so dumb? I mean, do they realize they're hanging out with friggin Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis? The Queen and King of skank? She can't go a week without flashing her goodies, and you can't even shake his hand without slipping on the oil and grease pool around him. And now Storch wants to be like these raging morons? Ew, make these people go away.


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