Friday, August 25, 2006

Vision of Gross

Good Lord. Mariah has punished her concert goers by wearing these hideous "clothes" during her recent "shows".

Doesn't Mariah have, like, MILLIONS? Didn't her last album top the charts, garner her bucket loads of awards and mark the Emancipation of Mimi? Shouldn't she have enough money to buy some new clothes without having to squeeze into clothes from when she was 13? Or is it that Mimi is a street walker from a place that only has a Bang Bang for shopping and all she wants to do is saaang and she's in character? I'm so confused.

Whyyy? I dont' get it! Is she trying to keep it real and dressing, makeup-ing, and doing her hair herself? I'm not one to criticize rolls, even though my rock solid body would suggest otherwise. But damn, put on a SHIRT. There is no need to scat and do crazy hand gestures on stage, prancing around in a SEQUINS SHRUG. All she had to do was wear a friggin shirt! We're not asking for much here! And she needs to simma down with the extensions. Fullness = good. Rat's nest = BAD.

Jeez, this is like a Disney show from Prosti hell.


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