Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Satan is hotttt

Nick Lachey has revealed what we all already knew: Joe Simpson sucks major ballz.

During an interview on an Australian radio station last week, Lachey was asked if he'd "rather be trapped on a desert island with Joe or Satan, Prince of Darkness". After some hesitation, Lachey said, "I might take my chances with Satan, Prince of Darkness."

Anyone in their right mind would've made the same choice. Who wants to be on a deserted island with someone who thinks their daughter's chimis are hot, that she is sexy as hell, and goes mad at her double D's. EW. THANK YOU, DADDY. If he can't even contain himself around his daughter, what assurance do you have that he's not going to go stark raving mad on you and start pimping you out to the trees and make you roll around in the sand while calling him daddy? None whatsoever. Even the Prince of Darkness knows that's super creepy.

Daddy Simpson, being creepy


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