Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who doesn't love the Papz?

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, showing some love...
Everyone loves celebs, which means that every time they leave their homes, they get bombarded by a swarm of paparazzi, and blinded by 10,000 flashes. Nice, more pics for us! Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are a couple of those celebs who *attack* when they see the papz. Heath's a dummy, he claims he left Australia in an attempt to escape the papz. You think we don't have cameras and tabloids here? I'll tell you how to avoid the photos... stop making tons of movies! It's your choice: bathe in evian water, eat from platinum platters, and see your face splashed across trashy magazines, OR be poor and unphotographed. Pick one!

More of Michelle & Heath, lovin' on the papz:


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